About Us


Corpers Aids was initiated having in mind the struggles faced by the youths who are undergoing the compulsory one year national service to our dear country. It is already enough stress for youths who are supposed to leave the comfort of their homes and communities to serve and live in a state, towns, and among people of diverse views, different culture and religion. How hard could it be to manage the petty federal allowance for a whole month and still save some money for emergencies  and future purposes.

These struggles one way or the other limit the wonderful experience and excitements that Corps Members are posed to experience during their service year,  Some of these challenges has been identified;

  • Accommodations Problems, most  employers till date are still unable to provide accommodations for corps members posted to their organizations. A lot of Corps members  struggle with settling into their Places of Primary Assignments;
  • Start-up Capital; No body is willing to support your Idea, therefore youths are unable to secure start-up capital for small businesses;
  • Not Sure of Their Future; The headaches associated with the uncertainties of life After Service and the continuous increase of Unemployment after the one year of compulsory national service;
  • Career Advancement; The difficulties faced by Corps Members trying to obtaining professional certifications and training for career advancements;
  • Personal issues; At various points, Corps members are faced with personal problems that requires urgent attentions, Corpers find it difficult to relying on their menial Federal Allowance to carter for their personal needs;

Our Vision 

To create value by providing Corps members with Zero Percent (0%) Interest Free packages on All Financial/ Material Aids and a Flexible Payback Period Suitable for Corps Members to help in creating lasting solutions to hardship while they are still in service to our dear Nation.


Our Mission 

To provide financial and Material Aids to at least  5000 Corps members with Zero Percent (0%) Interest free Aids annually by year 2030  packages on All Financial/ Material Aids.