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KopasAids means “Corpers Aids.

Corps members in active service.

 KopasAids is developed to provide financial & Material Aids/ assistance to Corps Members undergoing the one year National Youth Service.

Interested corps members will have to register Account  at  to be eligible to Apply for Aids.  Make Sure to complete the registration/application process by providing the necessary information and upload the required documents.

The process is very simple and can be completed within 10mins.

We offers the following packages:

  • 1. Housing/ lodge Aids
  • 2. Skill Acquisition and professional Certification Aids
  • 3. Agricultural Aids 
  • 4. Small Business Start-Up and Personal Aids 
  • A copy of your posting letter or acceptance letter which must be duly stamped and signed,
  • A Clear copy of the Corps Members’ Passport Photograph
  • A clear Photograph of Corps Member on full NYSC Regalia,
  • Clear copy of the Corps Members’ NYSC ID card

All KopasAids Financial/ Material Aids is Interest Free (0% interest) and  No Collateral RequiredOnly a monthly Service charge of N1000 is required on any amount of Aid received.

The maximum Aids obtainable is NGN60,000. However Higher financial Aids can be Accessed by Corps members, (this is determined by Corps Members’ Allowance ).

2 hours after all documents and required information have been completed.

Corps Members who required our Aids services will have to register online Account with us, then login to their Account and Apply for Aids of their choice, through our portal 

All Aids received are to be repaid regularly within the Payback period selected. Corps Members who continue to miss payments will be reported to the NYSC and will have their certificates embargoed until all payments and penalties have been paid to KopasAids.

YES. However, the available months will be a factor to determine the Aids a Corps Member can apply for.

Corps member is expected to notify  KopasAids of the transfer / redeployment. However, repayments are expected to continue timely and as scheduled.

Aids can be completely paid before the pay back period and Aids payback period will be closed as soon as KopasAids is notified of the payment.

No. All Aids Payback must be completed before another Aids request can be made.

Corps Member will be notified by SMS and email notification will be sent within 24hours of payment to confirm receipt.

A repayment schedule (Payback period) is generated on the KopasAids website for the Corps Member. Reminders will be sent to you informing you of the due dates for your Payback.

You can Payback your Aids over 3 – 9 months period depending on your choice at the point of application. However, your Payback period can affect Aids that can be accessed.

Receive Aids Through Your Bank Account in 24hours.


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